Kingfisher – 370 Tiller MINICAT

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The Kingfisher 370 MINICAT is the smallest in the Kingfisher MINICAT family, it has been in production for a number of years and is still proving a very popular model. With a hull weight of only 200kg, this 3.7m open dinghy provides an amazing amount of internal space and is easily driven by outboards in the 15-30hp range.

Designed for inshore boating, it’s the successor to the old 12 foot tinnie, but strongly built in 3mm aluminum with a 4mm tread-plate floor. There is decent storage in the bows, four alloy rod holders and positive buoyancy under the floor. The decks are self-draining. This small cat offers amazing stability and performance.

Basic Package Includes -

  • Hull length: 3700mm
  • Beam: 1800mm
  • Draft, with outboard up 200mm (empty)
  • Fuel capacity: 25L Tote tank
  • Hull bottom thickness: 3mm alloy
  • Hull sides thickness: 3mm alloy
  • Floor: 4mm alloy
  • Transom height: 20″
  • Recommended engine size: 15 -30hp
  • Hull weight: 200kg (approximately)
  • Aluminium Grade= 5083

Aluminium 3.7m open dinghy provides an amazing amount of internal space and is easily driven by outboards in the
15-30hp range. (we reccommend the 30hp Tohatsu 2 Stroke.)

Made in NZ by Enduro Trailers.

Single axle, un-braked.

Enduro trailers feature a robust frame is manufactured with sealed cross members, reducing the chance of corrosion and promoting the trailers overall strength.

Tail light protection is achieved by extending the panel the tail light is fastened to, resulting in a smarter looking chassis that compliments the lines of the boat. An integrated flushing system is standard with most the trailers, an attribute unique to the Enduro Trailer range

Powered with a 30hp TOHATSU, electric start, tiller steer, forward, neutral & reverse gears, maunal tilt.

Tohatsu 2-Stroke Benefits:

  • Excellent reliability, proven 2-Stroke technology (60 years
    building outboards, first in Japan)
  • Simple design, easy operation & handling
  • Loop charged induction for smooth operation and fuel
  • CD Ignition for quicker starting

Fundamentals for user convenience and reliability:

  • Through-the-prop exhaust for quieter ride
  • Thermostatically controlled cooling system for consistent
    engine temperature
  • Stainless steel water pump housing for outstanding reliability
  • High grade marine alloy that provides the ultimate protection
    against corrosion
  • Zinc coating on internal water passages for superior corrosion
  • Shallow water drive
  • Alloy propeller
  •  Dual water intake
  • Steering friction adjustment 
  • Alternator standard, just ad regulator kit for battery charge
  • Fuel tank (24 litre) fuel line and primer bulb included (fuel
    level in cap)


  • Electronically controlled over rev limiter
  • Safety lanyard (an essential safety feature, standard on all Tohatsu
  • Start in gear protection for safer engine operatio

Aluminum propeller standard with all engines.

Single battery setup securely under rear seat with battery, box, switch & straps.

  • 4 x Rod holders (aft and mid)

  • 2 x Grab rails (transom)

  • Positive buoyancy to floor & gunnels

  • Factory structural hull warranty

  • Dual dry storage areas forward -includes hatches.

  • Self-draining anchor well

  • Anchor hatch

  • Ultralon Octi-grip on Flooring, Boarding Platform, Bow and Gunnels
  • Fully integrated boarding platform

  • Built in Rear Cross Seat

  • Bollard & Bow Roller

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